BoneAlbumin is a human allograft.

The bone substitute may be:
- mineral based, synthetic,
- xenograft from a species other than human,
- allograft made from allogenic human tissue,
- or autograft removed from other body parts of the patient.
The latter, which is certainly the best solution, should be avoided, since the surgical risk is doubled and it is an unnecessary exertion in case of a good allograft. 

BoneAlbumin is an allograft processed from human tissue.


How does it work?


Mixing BoneAlbumin with a drop of blood results in an easily formable paste, which can be implanted into the bone cavity with a Volkmann spoon. It can be compressed or mixed with autogenous bone, if necessary.

Stem cells

The morphology and components of human bone form an ideal frame, while the local high albumin concentration supports the growth of stem cells and therefore the growth of the new tissue, as well.


The crystalline frame of BoneAlbumin fills the whole cavity during its slow degradation until the slowly formed bone tissue takes its place.

New bone

A strong and load-bearing bone providing an ideal support for the implants is the result of the complete integration and restructuring of the graft.


Scientific results

Electron microscopy

demonstrated that bone marrow stem cells adhere and proliferate on the surface of BoneAlbumin while cells were hardly detected on the surface of bovine bone or ceramics.

In animal studies

albumin coating accelerated graft integration and, more importantly, resulted in high- density bone with increased fracture resistance. 

In orthopedics

BoneAlbumin has been used for filling large bone defects since 2010. Multiple authorized studies have demonstrated its safety and efficacy.


human oral surgeon studies evinced that BoneAlbumin results better integration into the human body comparing to BioOss when they were used for socket preservation.

Perfect solution

The human bone substitute is recognized as “more identical”, and the human body gives it a warmer welcome than the products from another species..